Renal Colic

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Renal colic is a painful urinary system condition commonly due to kidney stones. Colic is a misnomer since the pain in this type of disorder is chronic, not intermittent. There are 2 varieties: dull and acute.


Sufferers of this disease are in intense agony. Heath care providers may require some tests done like urinalysis, microscopy, urine pH, blood tests for renal function, electrolytes, calcium, phosphate and urate and Helical CT scanning. Blood pressure needs to be taken as well.


Treatments for this condition may include pain relief medications, narcotic pain relief, and other medications for the treatments of the underlying causes. Patients may be required hospitalization.

Symptoms and Signs

The intensity and the location of the pain is dependent on the size and the type of stones that are moving through the kidneys. A list of symptoms includes: severe urinary pain (pain the back of the abdomen, genital and the inner thighs), nausea, vomiting, swollen abdomen, fever, blood in urine, and chills.


The main causes for renal colic are urinary blockage or the lack of urine and urinary stones. This can be due to excessive calcium or oxalate in the urine, too much uric acid, cystinuria, and drugs.

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