Rhesus Isoimmunisation

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Rhesus isoimmunisation is a condition concerning the Rhesus (Rh) factor. This is a protein found in most people's red blood cells. A person who does not have this factor is considered Rh negative, a person who does is Rh positive. An Rh negative pregnant mother exposed to blood that is Rh positive produces antibodies to the factor. This is called isoimmunization. If this happens to a mother and fetus, the antibody may cross the placenta and attach to the fetal red cells and destroyed by the fetal spleen. This condition is more commonly known as Rh isoimmunisation.


The doctor will ask for blood testing including a test to know the parents' blood types. The health care physician will then screen for antibodies as part of routine prenatal care. A positive antibody screen should be evaluated to include the identification of the antibody and its titer.


Doctors may give some medication to control the production of the antibodies caused by rhesus isoimmunisation.

Symptoms and Signs

There appears to be no detectable symptoms. However, this is considered a high risk pregnancy for expectant moms.


This disorder has genetic nature. This happens when the expectant mother is Rh negative and the unborn baby is Rh positive.

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