Runner’s Knee

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Chondormalacia patellae, commonly known as runner's knee is a degenerative disorder of the cartilage that protects the knee cap. This disease is characterized by extreme pain on the knees that is felt mostly by people who are into athletic sports such as basketball, running and soccer.


The illness can be diagnosed by physical examination of the affected knee. X-ray can also detect signs of fracture or injury.


Treatment for the illness can be done by massage therapy and relaxation to ease the knees. Surgery is required for serious injuries such as a bone fracture. Physical and occupational therapies are sometimes advised to help strengthen the knee bones and muscles.

Symptoms and Signs

Among the symptoms of the illness is pain on the knees, cramps and tingling sensation in the kneecap.


Runner's can be a result of extreme muscle stress on the knee due to strenuous activities. It can also be due to friction of the knee joints after incurring an injury.

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