Savant Syndrome

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Sometimes this condition is referred to as savantism. Savant syndrome is a rare condition where in person with developmental disorder has one or more fields of expertise, brilliance or ability that are different from an individual's overall limitation. This condition can be hereditary and can also be acquired and coexists with other developmental disabilities.


Diagnosis is done when a person has an ability in one field that is exceptionally higher than what is expected providing that his or her IQ or general level of functioning.


The treatment for Savant syndrome is the same with treatment used to cure Autism. The skills of the Savant may also be used as a tool to treat the disorder that is directed toward decreasing or overcoming the handicaps from the more basic developmental injury, disease or disorder. Their skills can also be used to improve their communication skills, social interaction and even mastering daily living skills.

Symptoms and Signs

According to Darold Treffert a researcher, almost all savants have remarkable memory though sometime may have autistic characteristics. There are also obvious neurological abnomarlities.


According to Darold Treffert a researcher, there is no single theory that has been found that gives explanation about the Savant syndrome, though there is one theory that states the "it is the compensation of the right brain and left brain injury". Treffers says that this condition starts in the womb, where in the two hemispheres of the brain are competing for dominance mostly happens with male. As the two hemispheres are battling the male testosterone level in the fetus reaches the level it does in adult and somehow transfers the left dominance to the right. This can also be caused by brain injury.

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