Scrotal Masses

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Scrotal masses are fluid or solid materials found in, on, or around the testicles. It may also indicate a serious condition such as cancer.


Men usually unintentionally discover scrotal masses or through a testicular self-examination. Doctors perform physical exams and recommend lab tests to confirm an infection or another cause. The patient may also undergo an ultrasound examination to reveal the scrotum's contents.


Most cases usually require minimal invasive treatments or even no treatment. Others need serious procedures such as radical inguinal orchiectomy, external beam radiation therapy, chemotherapy, stem cell transplant, and surgery in combination with either radiation or chemotherapy therapy or both.

Symptoms and Signs

Affected individuals have lumps or swelling in the scrotum. They may also feel local pain or tenderness in the affected area.


The condition is caused by a variety of factors such as cysts, inguinal hernia and tumors, infection, and inflammation. Specifically the condition may also be caused by epididymitis, spermatic cyst, hydrocele, hematocele, varicocele, orchitis, or cancer of the testicle.

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