Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)

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SARS is an infectious respiratory illness that had an outbreak in February 2003. SARS starts with flu-like symptoms and either the condition develops or subsides to chronic respiratory phase. When SARS develops to the second phase the condition can be deadly.


Chest x-ray For laboratory validation: Cell culture of SARS-CoV, exposure of SARS-CoV ribonucleic acid by the overturn transcription polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test, or detection of serum antibodies to SARS-CoV.


Treatments related to atypical pneumonia Antiviral agents Oseltamivir / Ribavirin Oral / IV steroids Combination of Steroid and ribavirin Steroids and other antimicrobials Mechanical ventilation - needed in about 10-20% of cases Isolation of patient

Symptoms and Signs

There are a lot of symptoms of SARS and here are the most common symptoms flu-like symptoms, high fever, chills, shivering, rigor, headache, malaise, body and muscle aches, mild respiratory symptoms and diarrhea.


SARS is caused probably by a virus where in an unknown coronavirus or other probability is a paramyxovirus.

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