Sexual Headache

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Sexual Headache is a medical condition whereby a person experience severe headache just before or during orgasm.


Diagnosis is made through undergoing MRI examination of the brain, CT Scan and X-rays. It may also make use of Angiogram to visualize and check arteries in the brain and neck and lumbar puncture or the spinal tap.


Treatment may include administration of anti-inflammatory medicines, anti-migraine and beta blockers like the metoprolol. Refraining from sexual activity is also advised.

Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms includes the occurrence of headaches that is usually throbbing or stabbing or tightening of the head and neck muscles just before or during the orgasms.


It is said to be cause by any sexual activity that leads to an orgasm like sexual intercourse and masturbation.g into or around the brain. It may also be caused by intake of birth control pills, glaucoma, anemia, sinus infection and low blood sugar.

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