Short Stature

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Short stature or dwarfism caused by a medical condition resulting in an adult height ranging from 2 feet 8 inches to 4 feet 8 inches.


Patients may be referred to pediatricians specializing in bone abnormalities or hormone dysfunction to assess dwarfism-related factors. The doctor measures the patient's height, weight, and head circumference to identify abnormal growth. The patient may also be examined through his or her facial and skeletal features that may be associated any dwarfism disorders. The doctor may also recommend imaging tests to detect skull and skeleton abnormalities. Genetic tests may also be undergone by a patient but does not usually help doctors in making an accurate diagnosis.


Treating the condition does not increase stature of patients but only alleviate problems due to complications. Patients may opt for surgical treatments, limb lengthening, and hormone therapy.

Symptoms and Signs

Affected individuals have disproportionate body sizes in which some of their body parts smaller than the average size whiel other are average sized or above-average. They may also have inhibited bone development. Other individuals have proportionately small body parts.


The condition is usually genetically inherited due to a random genetic mutation. Other causes may include hormone deficiencies and poor nutrition.

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