Silver-Russel dwarfism

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Silver-Russell dwarfism is another type of less common dwarfism. It is also known as Silver - Russell Syndrome and Russell - Silver syndrome.


Genetic tests for Silver-Russell dwarfism have recently been developed' however it cannot guarantee accurate and efficient results yet.


Part of the treatment for Silver-Russell dwarfism include growth hormone therapy; however it cannot guarantee full growth potential but just assistance to improve the condition.

Symptoms and Signs

Not all individuals with Silver-Russell dwarfism will present all the characteristic traits and symptoms of the syndrome. Intrauterine Growth Restriction is a general symptom that may indicate the disease in combination with some of the following symptoms: ò Birth weight of less than 2.8kg ò The baby lacks interest in feeding and when he does, difficulty is often observed. ò Excessive night sweating and paleness in the skin, which can be a symptom of hypoglycemia. ò Characteristic facial features includes: 1. Triangle looking face 2. Corners of the mouth are curved down 3. Small jaw 4. Chin that looks pointed 5. Large head ò Younger children have a blue tinge in the whites of the eye ò Fontanel that is wide and closes later than normal ò Delayed growth ò One side of the body grows slowly than the other ò A remarkable loss of subcutaneous fat.


The exact cause of Silver-Russell dwarfism is unknown but lately, some researches link it to a genetic component in the maternal genes.

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