Silvery Hair Syndrome

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Silvery hair syndrome is a rare genetic condition marked by a partial nonexistence of pigmentation in the eye, skin and hair; cluster of pigmentation in hair shafts, immunodeficiency and neurological manifestations.


Treatment for Silvery hair syndrome will depend on the symptoms present. Symptomatic treatment is aimed at alleviating the symptoms and preventing further complications.

Symptoms and Signs

Individuals with Silvery hair syndrome present some of the following symptoms: ò Pigment clusters in hair streaks ò Periodic and intermittent Neutropenia ò Accumulation of melanosome in melanocytes ò Very low blood platelet level ò Declined level of gamma globulin in blood ò Repeated infections ò Enlarged liver ò Enlarged spleen ò Lack of all the different types of blood cells (pancytopenia) due to hemophagocytic syndrome ò Neurological regression ò Fever ò Jaundice ò Loss of skills that are formerly gained ò Seizures ò Reduced reflexes ò Involuntary movement of the eye often described as shaky or wiggly(nystagmus) ò Muscle coordination failure known as ataxia ò anemia


Silvery hair syndrome is a genetic condition; it can be inherited in an autosomal recessive pattern of inheritance.

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