Small Cell Lung Cancer

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Small cell lung cancer is a type of lung cancer which is characterized by malignancy of the lungs originating from small cells. It is also known as small cell carcinoma and oat cell cancer. Small cell lung cancer is very different from other kinds of lung cancer, wherein metastases are already present upon discovery. It is called small cell lung cancer because the cancer cells are mostly small and filled with the nucleus.


The following test and procedures may be used in establishing diagnosis for small cell lung cancer: ò Physical exam and history in combination with Chest X-ray ò CT scan ò PET (positron emission tomography) scan ò Bronchoscopy ò Sputum cytology ò Fine needle aspiration biopsy of the lung ò Thoracentesis ò Thoracoscopy


Chemotherapy is often recommended in the treatment plan for small cell lung cancer rather than surgery because this type of lung cancer often spreads early on.

Symptoms and Signs

The following symptoms may indicate the presence of the Small cell lung cancer although other medical conditions may also cause the same symptoms. ò Persistent and recurrent coughing ò Shortness of breath ò Chronic chest pain ò Wheezing ò Blood tinged discharge when coughing ò Hoarseness ò Swelling or lump in the face or neck ò Loss of appetite ò Unexplainable weight loss ò Unusual tiredness


Smoking tobacco is one of the major causes or risk factor in the development of small cell lung cancer. Non-smokers are not very much prone to develop this type of lung cancer.

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