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Sociophobia is a kind of social anxiety disorder, a type of mental disorder wherein an individual experiences intense and unfounded fear of social gatherings where there lies a great possibility of being embarrassed and make fun of.


Talk therapy with a medical professional and prescription medicines are available to help sociophobics get over this type of anxiety disorder. Counseling or talk therapy is aimed at teaching the sufferers how to react in situations that may trigger the anxiety. Prescription medicines include anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medicines and beta-blockers.

Symptoms and Signs

An individual with sociophobia presents two general symptoms which are emotional symptoms and physical symptoms. ò Manifestations of emotional symptoms include the following: i) Great fear of being in a situation surrounded by others ii) Being tremendously afraid of criticism iii) Being too much concerned about embarrassing one's self iv) Fear without any basis that someone may notice that you are angry v) Terrible anxiety that may affect your daily routines and other activities ò Physical symptoms that indicates sociophobia includes: i) Cold and clammy hands ii) Difficulty in maintaining eye to eye contact iii) Blushing iv) Trembling v) Nausea vi) Stomach upset vii) Shaky voice viii) Confusion ix) Profuse sweating and nervousness


In most cases, Sociophobia is caused by intense fear of being observed and scrutinized.

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