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Spermatocele is a painless and noncancerous cyst that has developed in the epididymis.


The doctor performs a physical examination during which the patient may feel discomfort when the doctor palpates the mass. The patient may also undergo diagnostic tests such as transillumination and ultrasound. If the latter is not conclusive, the doctor recommends a magnetic resonance imaging .


Most cases do not require treatment. However, if the patient experiences discomfort, he may take take over-the-counter pain medications such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Patients may also opt for surgery to remove the cyst.

Symptoms and Signs

The condition may not show any signs or symptoms. But if it is large enough, affected individuals may experience discomfort, pain, and a feeling of heaviness.


The cause of the condition is unknown. But experts believe it is the result whe on of the tubes that drain sperm from the testicle into the epididymis is blocked.

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