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Strabismus is a condition where one's eyes are not able to properly align under normal conditions.One eye is misaligned in relation to the other when focusing on a a subject. Both eyes are not able to focus in unison, in the same direction, at the same point, at the same time.


During eye examinations, ophthalmologists, orthoptists, and optometrists typically use a cover test to help in the diagnosis of strabismus. If the eye being tested is the strabismic eye, then it will focus on the object after the "good" eye is covered, as long as the vision in this eye is adequate enough. If the "good" eye is being tested, there will be no change in fixation, as it is already focused. Depending on the direction that the strabismic eye deviates, the direction of deviation can be assessed.


Eye patches, eyeglasses/conact lenses, and prism lenses may be used for patients. Other treatments include vision therapy, surgery, Bates method, and Botox therapy.

Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of strabismus include: uncoordinated eye movements; double vision; vision in only one eye, with loss of depth perception; turned or crossed eye; head tilt or turn; squinting; double vision; and crossed eyes.


Most cases of strabismus in children are of unknown causes.

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