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Striae are also commonly termed as stretch marks. These are stripe-like marks on the skin which resulted from rapid gain and loss of weight. It forms when the skin was stretched. In some cases it can also be a result of several skin diseases.


Stretch marks are not considered a disease but it is also seriously taken into consideration as it has been linked to other diseases.


Treatments for stretch marks include application of tretinoin cream, laser treatments, chemical peels. Skin biopsy and blood tests might be done to diagnose the marks accurately.

Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms for stretch marks usually manifests the belly and on the breasts especially during pregnancy. It also manifests on the thighs and lower back of teenage men. In teenage girls, it usually manifests on the breasts, the thighs, and the buttocks. Bodybuilders also have stretch marks on the shoulders. People who are taking corticosteroids or those that have other underlying diseases, the lesions may spread wider. Stretch marks are faint pink in color, usually linear or parallel and appears like band. These markings are slightly itchy and gradually becomes large and changes color from red to purple and finally white and depressed that appears like a crepe paper.


Stretch marks are caused by skin stretching during pregnancy or when the person becomes fat or thin too fast. It is also caused by taking oral or topical corticosteroids, adrenal gland disease, or caused by a rare genetic disorders.

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