Swift Disease

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Swift disease is another name for mercury poisoning. It is a disease caused by exposure to the metal mercury. This can cause serious health problems ranging from liver and gastrointestinal poisoning.


Swift disease can be diagnosed by the mentioned symptoms as well as detection of trace amounts of mercury found in the blood serum.


Mercury poisoning can be treated with chelation therapy. Vitamin C treatment is also helpful in preventing further problems caused by the toxin, but the damages of mercury poisoning are no longer reversible.

Symptoms and Signs

The symptoms of swift disease include edemas, peripheral neuropathy, hyperhidrosis, hypertension, and extreme redness of the skin especially on the cheeks. Photophobia is also present in persons affected by the disease.


Swift disease is caused by immense exposure to mercury. Miners and workers that use mercury in their manufacturing firms are the ones greatly affected by the disease.

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