Swimmer’s Itch

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Swimmer's itch is an immune reaction also is only short-term that occurs in the skin of individuals that have been infected by water-borne trematode parasites.


Specific diagnosis for this kind of infection is not yet available. The best solution is to know where the individual swam and confirming that swimmer's itch happens in that place.


Due to the fact that the parasite dies in a matter of hours, treatment is not necessary. In cases where the itching is intense a dermatologist should be seen for either prescription drugs or cream to reduce the itching.

Symptoms and Signs

Itching Raised papules


The main cause of the infection is the parasite trematode which is parasitic schistosomes that utilize both vertebrates and snails as hosts in their life cycles. Most of the cases reported for swimmer's itch are caused by the parasites that utilize waterfowl as the vertebrate host. Though, within a matter of hours of infection in the human skin the parasite also dies.

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