Tethered Spinal Cord

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Tethered Spinal Cord is an uncommon neurological disorder.


Once the condition is suspected an MRI is performed to confirm diagnosis.


For children, early surgery is needed to avoid further damage especially neurologically. Further operations may be conducted as the child grows up especially in difficult cases.

Symptoms and Signs

Lesions Hairy patches Dimples or fatty tumours on the lower back Deformities in the feet and spine Leg weakness Low back pain Scoliosis Incontinence Frequent UTI Bowel movement changes


Often it is caused by tissue attachments that limit spinal cord movement within the spinal column. It can also be caused after spinal cord injury where in scar tissue can obstruct the flow of fluids in the region of the spinal cord. A condition known as syrigomyelia, fluid pressure causes cyst to form in the spinal cord can also contribute to this condition.

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