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While everyone has a rational fear of personal death built in as original equipment, thantophobia or necrophobia is extreme and irrational fear of personal death, situations involving death (such as funerals) or dead things.


As most people age, they come to acceptance of death as an unavoidable reality. Those who suffer from the phobia need a little help getting to that point, especially if their responses to situations involving death are extreme and limiting to their lives. Anxiety medications, coupled with psychological therapy can decrease the symptoms and give you the right perspective on death, eventually eliminating the need for medicines.

Symptoms and Signs

Phobias are identified by extreme anxiety or panic every time a specific circumstance is encountered, in this case, death.


Usually, people suffer from the fear of death because they are not ready for what comes after. The fear of that unknown eternity leads them to suffer from extreme anxiety, freezing them every time the subject comes up.

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