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Thromboembolism is the medical condition whereby there is a formation of clot or thrombos is the blood vessels that breaks loose and carried by bloodstream to plug another vesses in the lungs, brain,gastrointestinal tract, kidneys and leg.


Diagnosis includes undergoing CBC count with the peripheral blood smears, measurement of the prothrombine time or PT, use of D-dimer measurement and imaging examinations such as contrast venography, duplex ultrasonography or real-time B-mode ultrasonography, ventilation-perfusion scanning, MRI, angiography of the head, head CT Scan, chest radiography , doppler imaging and ECG.


Treatment includes admnistration of anticoagulants or those blood thinners, aspirin and medicines which are used to relax and widen the vessels. It may also include surgical thrombectomy and change of diet which must include vitamin K rich diet

Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms includes deep venous thrombosis, swelling and pain of the extremities both upper and lower, weakness and dizziness.


It may be acquired through the use of arterial catheters of CVS especially in the case of children, administraion of antiphospholipid antibodies, disseminated intravascular coagulation and as a risk factor of surgery and prolonged bedrest. It may also be inherited.

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