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It is the development of a clot or thrombus inside the blood vessel, blocking the flow of blood through the circulatory system. The general term is thromboembolism which describes both thrombosis and its primary complication that is embolisation.


Diagnosis depends on the effects on a specific vein or artery. Special x-rays and scanning are used to confirm diagnosis.


Some forms of thrombosis may be treated with the use of clotbusting drugs or fibrinolytic therapy. It is believed that to reduce the death rate a combination of fibrinolytic drugs and aspirin is used.

Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms vary depending on the effects of limitation of the blood flow through the vessel affected.


Thrombosis may be caused in one or more of the following which is referred to as the Virchow's triad: blood composition, vessel wall quality and blood flow. High altitude is also believed to provoke thrombosis.

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