Thyroglossal Tract Cyst

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A thyroglossal cyst is a fibrous cyst that develops from a persistent thyroglossal duct


Diagnosis is typically done clinically.


Treatment for a thyroglossal cyst is surgical resection, usually requiring concomitant removal of the midsection of the hyoid bone. Although generally harmless the cyst will be removed if the patient exhibits difficulty in breathing or swallowing, or if the cyst is infected. Even if these symptoms are not present the cyst may be taking out to eliminate the chance of infection or development of a carcinoma, or for cosmetic reasons if there is unsightly protrusion from the neck.

Symptoms and Signs

Thyroglossal duct cysts usually present with a palpable (able to be felt) asymptomatic midline neck mass below the level of the hyoid bone. The mass on the neck moves from its place during swallowing. The persistent duct or sinus can promote oral secretions, which may lead to the cysts to become infected. Infection can occasionally cause the transient appearance of a mass or enlargement of the cyst, at times with periodic recurrences.


It most often arises before age 20, but may be found in the older population as well.

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