Thyroid Carcinoma, Follicular

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Follicular thyroid carcinoma (abbreviated to FTC) is a well-differentiated tumor. In fact, FTC mirrors that of the normal microscopic pattern of the thyroid. FTC originates in follicular cells and is the second most commonly-found cancer of the thyroid after papillary carcinoma.


Chest radiography, CT scanning, and MRI generally are not used in the initial workup of a thyroid nodule, except in patients with clear metastatic disease at presentation. These tests are typically second-level diagnostic tools and are useful in preoperative patient assessment.


About 4-6 weeks after surgical thyroid removal, patients should have radioiodine to detect and destroy any metastasis and any residual tissue in the thyroid. Administer therapy until no further radioiodine uptake is seen.

Symptoms and Signs

Some patients have persistent cough, difficulty breathing, or difficulty swallowing. Other symptoms (eg, pain, stridor, vocal cord paralysis, hemoptysis, rapid enlargement) are not common. These symptoms can be caused by less severe problems.


Everyone is susceptible to thyroid cancer; however, the thyroid is especially sensitive to the effects of ionizing radiation. Exposure to ionizing radiation leads in a 30% risk for thyroid cancer.

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