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It is generally known to be the swelling of the thyroid gland which is located on the front of the neck below the Adam's apple. The most common kind of thyroiditis is the Hashimoto's thyroiditis. The other kinds are postpartum thyroiditis, subacute thyroiditis, silent thyroiditis, drug-induced thyroiditis, radiation-induced thryroiditis and acute thyroiditis.


Most helpful way to diagnose this disease is to perform a physical examination. Blood also helps in diagnosing thyroiditis and in some cases biopsy.


Treating thyroiditis depends on what type the patient has. Hormone replacement is done for Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Most patients only needs bed rest and aspirin but steroids are also used to decrease inflammation and control tremors. Beta blocker or Inderal are also prescribed by physicians to decrease heart rate and tremors for some patients.

Symptoms and Signs

Common symptoms are weight gain, fatigue, depression and constipation. Uncommon symptoms are legs inflammation, vague pains and aches, difficulty in concentrating and so on. Symptoms of thyroiditis may imitate other symptoms of diseases. For severe cases other symptoms show such as puffiness around the eyes, heart rate is slowing, temperature drops and eventually heart failure.


It is basically the attack of they thyroid and may also be a result of immune system defect. Antibodies that attack the thyroid are the most common cause of this disease and can also be caused by an attack of virus and bacteria.

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