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Tinea otherwise known as Dermatophytes is a fungeal infection that is caused by a group of fungi that usually invades the dead keratin of the skin, hair and nails. It may be spread from person to person or anthropophili animal to person or zoophilic.


Diagnosis is made through microscopic examination of the nail or hair specimen, use of wood light and even undergoing a polymerase chain reaction tests.


Treatment includes consultation to a dermatologists and application of topical agents such as creams and powder sprays, oral antifungal and antimyotic drugs.

Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms includes itching, hair loss in cases of tinea capitis, scaling of the soles.


It is caused by the fungi belonging to the genera Microsporum, trichophyton and epidermophyton that is commonly spread in moist conditions, usage of communal baths, immunocompromised states and genetic predisposition.

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