Tonic-clonic Seizure

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Tonic-clonic seizure, also known as grand mal seizure, is a condition in which an individual lose consciousness and experience violent muscle contractions.


The doctor performs a neurological exam testing the patient's reflexes, muscle tone, muscle strength, sensory function, posture, coordination and balance. He or she may also recommend blood tests to check for infections that may have triggered the condition. To detect brain abnormalities, the doctor also recommends scans or tests such as an electroencephalogram, magnetic resonance imaging, positron emission tomography, and single-photon emission computerized tomography.


The condition is usually treated by oral medications to prevent seizures. At first, the doctor prescribes a low dosage of a single drug and may increase it gradually until the seizures are controlled. However, if the treatment is unsuccessful, the doctor may recommend a combination of two drugs. The doctor may also suggest other treatment options including vagus nerve stimulation or a ketogenic diet.

Symptoms and Signs

Some individuals may experience a warning feeling before the occurrence of a grand mal seizure. During an attack, they may become unconscious, after which they become confused or lose bowel and bladder control and feel fatigue. A severe headache is commonly experienced by most individuals suffering from the condition.


An abnormal electrical brain activity causes the condition. Some cases may be triggered by other health problems such as kidney failure or an extremely low blood sugar. However, most cases result due to epilepsy.

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