Tummy Ache

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Tummy ache, otherwise known as stomachache, is the pain experienced by the abdomen due to reactions in the digestive system. Tummy ache is an indication of other diseases and problems that are taking place in the gastrointestinal tract.


Tummy ache can be diagnosed based on the complaints given by the patient.


Tummy ache can resolve without treatment depending on what caused the pain. Severe cases however need to be attended with medications, antibiotics and even surgery in order to stop abdominal pain.

Symptoms and Signs

Tummy ache itself is a symptom, and indication of another existing medical ailment.


Tummy ache is caused by varying reasons: it can be due to indigestion or sudden reaction to certain foods, diarrhea, or spasms. More serious problems that involve tummy ache are appendicitis and gastroenteritis.

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