Urinary Tract Infection

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A urinary tract infection or UTI is categorized as an infection that primarily affects the urinary system. This infection is basically limited to the bladders and can be very painful an annoying. Complications may occur when the infection will spread to the kidneys. Women are known to be more at risk of urinary tract infection than men.


A urine sample is the primary basis of diagnosing urinary tract infections, where pus, bacteria and red blood cells are present.


Antibiotics are the common treatment of urinary tract infection. These medications may vary in strength and duration and symptoms usually clear up after a couple of days.

Symptoms and Signs

Not all individuals with urinary tract infection have been known to develop any detectible signs or symptoms of urinary tract infection. However, the usual signs include a burning sensation when urinating, persistent urge to urinate, small amounts of urine and blood in the urine.


The primary cause of urinary tract infection is when the bacteria enters the urinary tract and may begin the multiply in the bladder. Typically, the urinary system contains agents that ward of infection However, there are certain factors that may increase the risk of infection such as through sexual intercourse and bacteria from the digestive tract.

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