Uterine Cancer

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Uterine cancer may point to one of numerous kinds of cancer that happen in the uterus. It includes uterine sarcomas, uterine fibroids, endometrial cancers, hydatidiform mole and cervical cancer.


Pelvic exam Pap test Transvaginal ultrasound Biopsy


Treatment depends on the severity of the cancer but the most common treatment is usually a hysterectomy that removes the uterus. Other treatments are hormone therapy, radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

Symptoms and Signs

Difficulty in urinating Abnormal vaginal bleeding or discharge Pain in the pelvis Pain during intercourse


Risk factors that may cause uterine cancer are age over 50 years old, obesity, menstruation at a young age, menopause later than normal, have not given birth, long-term use of medications that has hormone estrogen and tamoxifen drug intake.

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