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Also known as PU, retinitis, Choroidoretinitis, or Choroiditis, posterior Uveitis is the inflammation of the choroids and the retinal layer leading to vision problems.


Physicians would usually take note of a patient's history in making a diagnosis. General eye examination is also performed. In identifying the cause, blood tests, x-rays, and other tests may be conducted.


Warm compresses and painkillers help relieve discomfort. Eye drops such as Isopto ophthalmic solution along with steroid eye drops are usually given to affected individuals until the symptoms are resolved.

Symptoms and Signs

Decreased vision, distortion of size and shapes of objects seen, pain and redness, floaters or floating black spots may be seen in the field vision, and sensitivity to light are among the symptoms of posterior Uveitis.


Twenty five percent of posteriors Uveitis cases are idiopathic or do not have a cause. For the other cases, parasites, viruses, and fungi may cause the disease. There are also disease such as histoplasmosis and toxocariasis that are associated with the disease.

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