Vitamin A Deficiency

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In developing countries Vitamin A deficiency is common and often seen in developed countries. This deficiency contributes to blindness because it can make the cornea very dry and destroying the retina and cornea. Pregnant women are at risk because there is a high possibility that they acquire this deficiency.


The doctor will need to check dietary history and usual optical lesions that suggest vitamin A deficiency.


Oral form of treatment is vitamin A supplementation. Other treatments are food fortification and dietary diversification where in the intake of vitamin A rich animal foods are increased.

Symptoms and Signs

Night blindness is the most common symptom but can progress to xeropthalmia that is accompanied with the development of gray plaques. If it goes untreated puncture, scarring and may lead to blindness. In infant with severe vitamin A deficiency show failure to grow and lack of interest accompanied by genitourinary tract.


Major cause is poor diet where in there are few animal sources of pre-formed Vitamin A. Breast milk of mothers that lacks Vitamin A will also cause a lack of Vitamin A in a child. Other causes are iron deficiency, alcohol intake and liver that is stressed.

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