Vitamin B 6 Deficiency

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Vitamin B 6 Deficiency is a deficiency due to the poor absorption of nutrients particularly Vitamin B6 in the gastrointestinal tracts as in the case of chronic diarrhea and alcoholism or due to intake of isoniazid, hydrolazine and penicillamine


Vitamin B6 deficiency may be confirmed by measuring plasma PLP or erythrocyte transaminase activity (Morley J., Thomas, D. (2007) Geriatric Nutrition, CRC Press, p. 158).


Treatment includes administration of Vitamin B6 supplement.

Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms often include seborrheic dermatitis like eruption, atrophic glossitis with ulceration, neurologic symptoms of somnolence and neuropathy (Andrews' Diseases of the Skin, 10th Edition, Elsevier). It includes angular stomatitis, cheilosis, glossitis, peripheral neuropathy, irritability, confusion and anemia. More specifically it also includes inflammation of the tongue, lesion of the lips and corners of the mouth (Desai, B.B Handbook of Nutritious Diet, p. 103) In severe Vitamin B6 deficiency convulsive sizure usually occurs (Russel, P., Williams, A (1995). The Nutrition and Health Dictionary, Jones and Barlett Publishers, p. 362)


It is commonly caused by decrease intake, malabsorption, alcoholism, liver cirrhosis or by intake of medications with isoniazid, hydrolazine and pencillamine, it may also be brought about by dialysis procedure.

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