Vitamin D Resistant Rickets

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Vitamin D Resistant Rickets is the clinical condition characterized by the person's prevalent body resistance to the vitamin D treatment generally used in deficiency rickets.


Typical signs of this condition is observed from the first months of life whereby the person shows radiological signs of defective miniralization on cartilage growth plates or the rickets and bones or the osteomalacia and severe alteration of the phosphocalcic homeostasis in spite of the normal satisfactory status of Vitamin D. it may also combine bone deformities especially in the lower limbs. (Garabedian, Michele (2002). Vitamin D Resistant Rickets, p.1)


Treatment of Vitamin D Resistant Rickets consists of administration of Vitamin D. Physician also do require Vitamin D therapy however, a close observation of the patient is required since over dosage of Vitamin D may result to hypercalcemia.

Symptoms and Signs

Clinical signs and symptoms includes bowed diaphysis, dolicho or scaphocephaly, enamel of the teeth anomaly, late eruption of the teeth, multiple exostoses, short height and stature and even dwarfism.


The cause of Vitamin D Resistant Rickets is often linked to the defect of the renal tubular mechanisms. It is also said to be an inherited condition.

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