Von Willebrand Disease

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Von Willebrand Disease or VWD for brevity, is a common hereditary bleeding disorder. It is a coagulation abnormality which can be acquired as a result of medical conditions.


Diagnosis includes complete blood counts especially of the platelet, activated partial thromboplastin time or the APTT, Testing for factor IX are also performed if Hemophilia B is suspected.


Treatment includes no regular treatment however, prophylactic treatment is often given to patients with this kind of medical condition who are scheduled for surgery. It can also be treated with human derived medium purity factor VIII. Desmopressin is also administered to person with mild VWD.

Symptoms and Signs

Von Willerbrand Disease is usually without symptoms or asymptomatic however, it may be manifest through the occurrence of manifestations which include varying degree of bleeding. Usually bruising, bleeding of the nose and unusual blood loss during childbirth, among others is often seen with person with this medical condition. In addition, women who have this kind of disease experience heavy menstrual flows during menstruation period.


It is commonly caused by an alteration that adversely affects the person's platelets functioning as well as clotting (Fleisher,G. (2002). Synopsis of Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, p. 213).

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