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Vulvodynia is a medical condition which refers to the disorder which causes vulvar pain and discomfort.


Confirmation of the medical condition is based on the physical findings and examination. Cotton Swab Test is also used to delineate the areas of pain and categorize their severity.


Treatment of this medical condition varies from one person to another. It, however , includes the following medication and care: vulvar care measure such as avoidance of synthetic underwear and avoidance of vulvar irritants and frequently wearing cotton made underwear; Medication whether oral or injectable of anaesthetics,estrogens, tricyclic antidepressants; a low oxalate diet; biofeedback and physical therapy and for some surgical procedure like the vestibulectomy where the inverted fibers are excised. Such surgical procedure is said to be successful in treating vulvodyna (Stewart, Elizabeth; Paula Spencer (2002). The V Book: A Doctor's Guide to Complete Vulvovaginal Health. Bantam Trade Paperback, pp. 297-328).

Symptoms and Signs

There is no distinguishing physical lesion present but redness of the vestibule was noted.


Vulvodyna's origin is still unknown but possible causes of the disease are linked to trauma, allergy to chemicals or organisms, to an autoimmune disorder , chronic tension or spasm of the muscle of the vulvar area, infection, injury and neuropathy.

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