Werner’s Syndrome

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Werner's Syndrome otherwise known as the Adult premature aging syndrome or the adult progeria, is a rare genetic disorder which can be inherited as an autosomal recessive trait. Its signs and symptoms of the disorder may only be manifest usually during the third and fourth decade of life.


Diagnosis only includes examination of family history.


Treatment varies from one person to another inasmuch as it greatly depends on the symptoms that manifest to a person. Surgical intervention and hyperbaric oxygen therapy may be used to treat refractory skin ulcers. If the eye is affected then procedures which are used to treat cataracts and contractures may be used.

Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms varies depending on which of the potentially affected organ presents changes at the time of diagnosis . Skins lesions, premature aging, hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, tekingieoctasia, hyper keratosis and ulceration may also manifest especially in the skin (Laskaris,G. (2003). Color Atlas of Oral Diseases, p. 50). It may also include bird like facies, short stature and premature graying and balding.


It is hereditary genetic disorder which may pass from birth by parent who has the condition.It is a rare gene defect which usually affects the gene found on chromosome 8.

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