White Sponge Nevus

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White Sponge Nevus otherwise known as the Cannon's Disease or Hereditary leukokeratosis of mucosa which follow a hereditary pattern as an autosomal dominant trait. It usually occur during childhood or adulthood of the person.


Diagnosis includes the physical examination as well as examination of the patient's family history inasmuch as the medical condition is oftentimes an inherited disease.


Treatment includes topical applications of tetracycline to treat symptoms. In rare cases, a plaque which usually extends onto the lip vermilion usually may be removed by surgery for aesthetic reasons.

Symptoms and Signs

It usually manifest itself in the mouth which is usually thick bilateral white plaque with spongy texture which is usually a buccal mucosa. It also manifest on the labial mucosa, alveolar ridge or floor of the mouth which is benign.


White Sponge Nevus is caused by a mutation of the keratin 4 and keratin 13 genes (Kahn, Michael A. Basic Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology. Volume 1. 2001).

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