The EAP (Employee Assistance Programme) from CiC

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CiC are based in London and offer expert information about Employee Wellbeing. They offer a complete and comprehensive range of specialist employee services both in the UK and Internationally.

The EAP from CiC

If you are looking for an EAP available to your staff 24/7, 365 days of the year, the CiC can help. Providing you with independent and confidential employee assistance, support and advice services regardless of the situation they are facing.

CiC’s EAP services are provided by fully qualified counsellors or psychotherapists who will help to clarify the problems that your employees are facing and where necessary will put them in touch with the expert that they need.

Features of the CiC EAP include:

  • Unlimited telephone calls to seek help and advice with personal or work-related concerns
  • Individual referrals for counselling, face to face, telephone or online
  • Independent Legal and Tax information and signposting
  • Independent support and advice in dealing with Debt and other Money Management issues
  • Support for dependants with Elder and Child Care information and advice.
  • Access to our “Everyday Matters” time management and information sourcing service
  • Access to a wealth of regularly updated wellbeing resources on our employee wellbeing website “Well Online”
  • Additional support features for managers, whistleblowing services, specialist Cancer counselling and many other additional options
  • Top quality account managers will help your organisation with launch, promotion and ongoing support to ensure your employees get the most out of your EAP service.

Benefits of the CiC EAP to your business include:

  • Make a positive difference in your employee’s lives, showing your Duty of Care as employer
  • The EAP will help your people stay productive, motivated and at work
  • Minimise the risk of absenteeism and other disruptive effects of stress and anxiety on your employees, both in the workplace and at home
  • Make yourself known as an employer of choice, a more attractive choice for new talent as you add the EAP to your list of Employee Benefits.

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