An Employee Assistance programme (EAP) that offers a little more.

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an-employee-assistance-programme-eap-that-offers-a little-more

Health Assured Ltd are one of the UK’s leading providers of Employee Assistance Programmes and offer their clients a range of innovative health and well-being solutions.

One of the EAP’s available from Health Assured Ltd is the Assured EAP which is designed to offer support to the employees, reduce employee absence and prevent litigation.  As well as the full EAP the service includes:

  • Medical screening for new starters
  • Online health assessments
  • Early Occupational Health intervention known as Active Care

An EAP is described as a personal support programme that can assist both the employer and the staff as it can assist people in achieving a good home/work balance.

The EAP element of Assured EAP provides:

  • Telephone support and counselling by therapists qualified and accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy [BACP]
  • Up to eight Structured Telephone Counselling (STC) counselling sessions per person, per issue, per annum
  • Up to eight face-to-face counselling sessions per person, per issue, per annum
  • Serious illness and accident support
  • One Line Health Portal

The Employee Assistance programme is completely confidential.

The Medical Screening element includes:

Qualified Occupational Health staff provide online pre-commencement screening for new recruits joining your business which will minimise the risk for employers and ensures compliance with the Terms of Equality Act 2010.

The Active Care Intervention offers:

If you have a staff member who is absent due to a stress related illness the unique Active Care service will provide effective intervention on the very first day.

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If you would like to find out more about the Employee Assistance Programmes available in the UK market you can speak to a specialist health insurance broker and the Medigest Business Directory can help you to find someone in your local area. For more information visit:

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