Get cover for your valuables when you are away from home.

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When you purchase a travel insurance policy the cover for valuables could be an extension to the standard or core cover that your insurer provides. So do you need to take out the additional benefit for cover for your valuables?

Make sure you know the value of the items you want to have cover for as it is important to have the appropriate level of cover for the items you want to insure. Policies will often offer a specific total of cover for valuables and may apply a single, pair or set limit within this amount. Ensure you are not under-insured when it comes to cover for valuables either in or away from the home.

Check your home contents insurance.

You may already have your valuables covered by your household insurance even for when they are not in the home. As an example, the *Direct Line Select Premier Insurance policy offers you all risks cover, including accidental loss or damage, for your possessions temporarily removed from the home anywhere in the world for up to 60 days. If you have this type of home contents policy you may not need to purchase the travel insurance extension for valuables.

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If you are in any doubt about the cover you have, check with your insurance provider before you buy your travel insurance, if you end up with two policies that cover the same items it can become complicated if you need to make a claim.

Cover for money

Personal Money cover can vary within the travel insurance market and there may be cash limits that apply. This can vary for people under 18 and there may also be limits of “beach” cash cover. Check with your travel insurance provider as to their stance when it comes to covering personal money.

If you are looking for a travel insurance provider then the Medigest Business Directory can help you find an insurance specialist who can help you with all your travel insurance needs whether you want to deal directly with the insurer or via a specialist travel insurance broker.