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As we look at a whole range of plans and products that cover aspects of private health cover, we could not resist letting you know about the Golfplan specialist insurance cover. Admittedly this is not just a policy that covers your health but there are certain health elements of it that really are worth knowing about.

Golfing injuries:

Were you aware that is you accidentally hit another golfer whilst playing golf that you could actually be liable for injuries caused? Could you fund a claim of this type if it were to happen to you? Golfplan cover worldwide third party bodily injury liability up to £5 million.

Personal Accident:

Golfplan will pay up to £100,000 for bodily injury resulting in either death or total and irremediable loss of sight in one or both eyes or of one or more limbs.

Injury or Illness and Golf Club fees:

If you are a member of a Golf Club and are unable to play golf for a prolonged period due to accidental injury or illness, Golfplan will reimburse your fees up to £5000 (not available for those aged over 70)

Who are Golfplan?

The Golfplan brand is one of the most recognised brands in UK golf clubs and is a partner of the PGA. They do not profess to be the cheapest golf insurance provider in the UK however, they do offer a quality premium golf insurance cover aimed protecting you and your significant golfing investment.

What else is covered under the Golfplan policy:

  • New for old golf equipment
  • Third party accidental damage
  • Personal effects
  • Hole in one
  • Overseas golf equipment hire
  • Tournament entry fees

As with all insurance policies, terms and conditions apply.

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