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Westfield Health are an award winning healthcare provider who have been helping to support the health of the nation since 1919. They do offer many different solutions for health and wellbeing cover and here we focus on their ever popular Hospital Treatment Insurance for businesses in the UK.

There are two levels of cover Surgery Choices 1 and Surgery Choices 2 and both options offer a low cost, high value product. Hospital Treatment Insurance should not be confused with a Private Medical Insurance policy and the cost of the cover per person reflects this however, it does offer a more comprehensive level of cover than a Health Cash Plan which is designed to contribute to the cost of everyday healthcare expenses.

How does Hospital Treatment Insurance work?

Once you have had a referral from a consultant, Westfield Health will allocate a case manager who will source a private treatment package that is suitable. You can opt to have your treatment at any one of the many hospitals in the UK where a fixed price private treatment package is available.

Each surgical procedure is categorized into a band depending on the complexity of the procedure and each band has a benefit allowance to cover the cost of private treatment. If you choose to have your treatment in a higher charging hospital such as some found in Central London you can do so providing you are able to pay the balance of the treatment cost.

What type of procedures are covered?

Employees covered under the Westfield Health Hospital Treatment plan have a maximum of three surgical procedures in a consecutive 12 month period. There are different maximum benefits in place for the lifetime of the policy both on level 1 and level 2.

Slipped discs • Varicose veins • Hip replacement • Knee replacement • Abdominal hernias • Sinus problems • Cataracts • Tonsils • Prostate problems • Gynaecological problems • Gallstones • Carpal Tunnel release

It is worth noting that even though cancer related surgical procedures are excluded from cover, they will cover surgical procedures when cancer is suspected but not confirmed, e.g. biopsies.

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If you are looking for a great value policy that will assist your staff when it comes to the rapid treatment of non-urgent surgical procedures then this type of plan may be both appropriate and affordable. The Medigest Business Directory can help you find a specialist health insurance broker who can help you find the plan that is right for your own requirements.

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