Group Critical Illness cover is available for your employees


If you own or run a business then your staff may be viewed as one of your most valuable assets and there are a number of employee benefits available in the UK market.

Group Critical illness is a policy that will pay a lump sum directly to your employee if they should develop any of a list of defined medical conditions or surgical procedures that are classified as a critical illness and survive for a specified number of days. The cash lump sum is tax free and can be used by the member in however they choose.

This cover is available from a number of providers and the terms and conditions and medical conditions can vary as can the number of survival days specified.

*Group Critical Illness cover from UNUM as an example:

The Group Critical Illness product from UNUM offers either a multiple of between 1 and 5 x each member’s salary or a fixed amount of benefit for each member with a maximum benefit per claim of £500,000. Members’ children are covered as standard for 25% of the member’s benefit up to £25,000, at no additional cost and a member’s spouse can be covered for up to £150,000 at an additional cost.

Levels of cover available:

There are two levels of cover available:

  • Base coverprovides cover for 11 critical illnesses including heart attack, stroke, cancer and dementia including Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Extra coverincludes the conditions covered in Base, plus 27 additional conditions including brain tumour, rheumatoid arthritis, terminal illness and total permanent disability.

There are three funding options available:

  • Standard Group Critical Illnessis funded by the employer and needs a minimum of 3 employees.
  • Flexible Group Critical Illnessis funded by the employer or jointly by the employer and employee. It’s available for policies covering 150 or more employees.
  • Voluntary Group Critical Illnessis funded by the employee with premiums collected by the employer. This is available for companies with 150 or more employees.


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If you are looking for Group Critical Illness cover and would like to find a specialist provider, the Medigest Business Directory can provide you with the details for health insurance brokers, financial advisers and the insurance company directly.

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