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Canada Life look at Group Income Protection differently to other insurance companies and confirm that it is not just about paying claims. They want to work in partnership with their customers and as well as offering the financial support they can also offer employers with access to market leading rehabilitation services from the earliest possible stages of absence to help employees return to work.

Working closely with employers, Canada Life want their clients to get the most out of their policy whatever the circumstances. Whether absence is due to a long-term or serious illness or the employer needs assistance in managing short-term absence more effectively. Canada Life aim to provide more than purely the financial benefit. They also offer a range of support services at no additional cost to enhance the package for the employer.

  • Cover is available for groups of two or more employees
  • Flexible levels of cover are available up to 75% of the income to be covered
  • Cover for pension and National Insurance Contributions
  • Generous free cover levels and one-time underwriting
  • Day-one access to our Early Intervention Service, which helps employers to manage workplace absence
  • Access to our in-house rehabilitation and claims experts, all employed by Canada Life
  • Employee Assistance Programme and second medical opinion service available to all UK-based employees whether they are insured or not
  • Online and telephonic legal support for employers

Group Income Protection is there to provide a proportion of salary for an employee who is unable to work due to illness or injury.

Making a claim

To register a claim, the employee must meet the policy definition of incapacity for more than the deferred period (a set period of time). Canada Life do confirm that a claim would not be paid if the claim documentation required is received later than 6 months after the end of the deferred period.

Employers can use the Canada Life early intervention service to mitigate absence from day one (for complex absence such as stress/ anxiety or back pain) without making a claim.

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When you are looking for an Income Protection policy for yourself or for your staff you would benefit from having expert advice from either the insurance provider directly, a specialist health insurance broker or financial adviser. As with all health and protection policies there are terms and conditions that apply to cover and you need to be sure that the cover you invest in is appropriate to your needs.

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