What happens when you have an MRI scan?


Having had an MRI for the first time in my life recently I have to say I was totally surprised by the noise levels even with headphones on. I had been told by other people that you are offered music to listen to whilst the scan it taking place however sadly for me, this was not the case. Perhaps next time I might make sure that the scanning facility that I choose for treatment will provide this option.




*What to expect when you have an MRI.

Depending on where your scan is, your radiographer may ask you to change into a hospital gown although this might not be necessary if your clothing does not have any metal accessories such as zips and clips.

You do need to remove jewellery, body piercings, watches, hair clips and make sure there are no keys or coins in your pocket.

What does the MRI machine look like?

It is a large machine shaped very much like a doughnut.

What happens when the MRI scan starts?

The radiographer will explain to you that you need to lay as still as possible. The scan itself is completely painless however the scanner itself makes a very loud clanging sound the whole time. (In my personal experience these noises changed in rhythm and pitch as the scan proceeded).

You have constant contact with your radiographer in case of any emergency problems.

What happens when the MRI scan is over?

When the scan is over, your radiographer comes back into the room and lowers the couch so you can get up. There is no reason that an MRI scan would affect your ability to go home or to work, eat or drink normally.

*The above information has been sourced from http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/about-cancer/cancer-in-general/tests/mri-scan

MRI scans are used for a whole number of medical conditions to assist in their accurate diagnosis. If you would like to find a scanning facility, diagnostic centre or private hospital where you can arrange for MRI scans to take place, the Medigest Business Directory could help you find a professional centre in the UK. Please visit https://www.medigest.uk/directory/ for more information.