Hazardous Occupations can be covered with Protection Insurance.

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Standard protection insurance such as life insurance, critical illness and income protection policies, may have restrictions on the cover they can offer to people who have a hazardous occupation. Cura, The Special Risks Bureau may be the company who can help you obtain the cover that you need regardless of your occupation.

What types of occupation could be classed as hazardous or high risk?

  • People who work at heights such as roofers and scaffolders
  • Firefighters
  • People in the Armed Services
  • Offshore workers
  • Deep sea divers
  • Pilots

How the Special Risks Bureau can help?

With many years experiences in placing cover for people with hazardous occupations, the Special Risks Bureau are available to help you. There are many different providers of insurance within the UK and they all have different acceptance criteria and pricing structures. Some providers will not offer cover for people who have high risk occupations where as other insurance companies may increase the premiums you pay to cover the additional risk.

By speaking to an experienced insurance adviser who can provide you with your options when it comes to covering hazardous occupations it is possible to find the right cover at a standard premium with no exclusions relating to your occupation.

Check your occupation online

The Special Risks Bureau provide an easy to use online reference guide for High Risk occupations and if you believe your occupation may be classed as hazardous but is not shown then you can contact their team who will be able to help you to make sure your job is not an issue when it comes to your insurance.

The above information has been sourced from http://www.specialrisksbureau.co.uk/

If you are looking for protection cover whether it is life insurance, critical illness, income protection or any other cover in the United Kingdom then a specialist financial adviser such as The Special Risks Bureau may be able to help you.

You can speak to a financial adviser, specialist health insurance broker or direct to the insurance providers for assistance in finding the policy that suits your needs and budget. Our Medigest Business Directory could help you find the expert you are looking for:  https://www.medigest.uk/directory/