Health Essentials cover for In-patient and Day-patient treatment

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Health Essentials for Me is a policy for personal clients offered by The Exeter. Designed with a slightly different approach to the standard Private Medical Insurance cover, Health Essentials offers cover for big medical bills associated with In-patient and Day-patient treatment and hospital stay, however there is no cover for out-patients treatment on the policy, this structure helps to keep the costs of cover lower and more affordable for many.

Key Benefits of the policy:

  • Covers the big medical bills, without the big premiums to match
    By focusing cover on treatment, not diagnosis, we can give you protection against the big hard to budget for medical bills at affordable prices.
  • Unlimited in-patient and day-patient cover for diagnosed conditions
    Once any condition is diagnosed, Health Essentials for Me offers unlimited in-patient and day-patient treatment. This also includes any scans or tests whilst you are an in-patient or day-patient.
  • Cancer cover optionĀ 
    Some people are happy to rely on the NHS for cancer cover, so Health Essentials gives you the option to further reduce premiums by excluding cancer from cover.
  • You are never penalised for making a claim
    We think insurance should be designed to be used, so we never increase your premiums because you make a claim.

Health Essentials for Me is available to residents in the UK aged between 18 and 79 years of age and once you have joined there is no upper age limit for your cover. Treatment under the policy must also take place in the United Kingdom in one of the 300 hospitals or clinics shown on the hospital list provided by The Exeter.

Chronic Conditions:

As with almost all UK private medical insurance policies chronic conditions are not eligible for cover. The Exeter confirm that they will cover the initial investigations leading to diagnosis and the treatment required to stabilize the condition for a maximum period of three months. Cancer is not classed as a chronic condition.

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