Holiday Health


Many of us save hard for their annual holiday and we want to know that everything is in place before we travel. One of the essential elements of booking a holiday is to ensure that your travel insurance is in place before you leave the UK.

Travel Insurance covers many elements of your holiday including cancellation, delay, baggage and personal belongings however most importantly it will cover you for medical situations that arise when you are away from your country of residence. This insurance is generally low cost and provides the traveller with peace of mind whilst away from home.

There are a multitude of things to consider when buying a policy including:

  • The area of your destination
  • The duration of your stay
  • Do you need cover for winter sports?
  • Is there any age limit on your policy?
  • Do you need cover for a cruise holiday?
  • Do you need cover for hazardous sports or activities?
  • Do you need cover for business equipment?
  • Do you need cover for sports equipment?

Age restrictions

Ensure that there are no age restrictions on your policy, if your cover is attached to another product such as your health insurance or bank account, make sure that your age does not affect the policy in any way.

Travel Vaccinations

Make sure that you have had the necessary travel vaccinations before you travel in accordance to the recommendations relating to your country of destination.

Pre-existing conditions disclosure

However you choose to buy your travel insurance policy it is essential that you advise the provider of your policy about any pre-existing conditions that you have or that arise before you travel. This disclosure is crucial when it comes to making a claim. If you have a medical condition and you do not tell your provider about it before you travel your insurance could be void and you may be faced with having to fund your medical treatment independently.

Pre-existing conditions do not always result in an increase in premium however; in some cases you may have to pay an additional premium if the condition you have increases the risk of claiming on the policy.

In some cases a medical condition could result in a travel insurance provider declining to offer a policy to you. In this instance you would need to contact a travel insurance provider who specialises in cover for people with pre-existing conditions.

You can find travel insurance specialists who can explain travel insurance cover including the relevant terms and conditions in our business directory by following the link below:

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