How hypnotherapy can help with fears and phobias

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Hypnotherapy is an evidence based therapy which is often misunderstood by the public. It is not some type of magic pill and in order for hypnotherapy to work, the client must be prepared to make the effort and be committed to making the required changes a reality.

Hypnotherapy can be used in many different situation and the fears and phobia’s aspect covers just one area.

The most common phobia’s seen by hypnotherapists include:

Fear of flying ▪ Claustrophobia ▪ Fear of sickness ▪ Fear of insects’ ▪ Fear of heights ▪ Fear of needles ▪ Fear of dentists’ ▪ Fear of pregnancy ▪ Fear of water.

It is said that one of the hardest fears to resolve is a fear of clowns however, even for this, hypnotherapy has been widely successful.

The estimated figure for people who suffer with an irrational fear is 11% of the population which actually means that phobia’s are far more common than many people realise.

What is a phobia?

A phobia can be explained as an irrational fear and literally is a fear without good reason or a fear of something that may not ever happen. In general people may manage their phobia on a day to day basis and may only seek help from a professional hypnotherapist when the phobia stops them from doing something they want to do or when they know a situation will force them to face it.

People who have a phobia are often aware that their response is irrational which makes it harder for them to accept.

How a Hypnotherapist can help people with phobia’s and fears

Although each hypnotherapist may use a slightly different approach to treating a phobia depending on the individual situation, many phobia’s can be treated in just one session. There are elements however that may change this such as how long you have had the phobia, how you deal with it and how receptive you are to change.

As a general rule, the solution is for the client to see the phobia in a different context and hypnosis can help to speed up this process. The unconscious mind is able to process information more effectively without any interference from the critical mind. This is known as desensitisation.

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