An Insight into Mental Health from Wendy Smith


Why would you want to know about mental health?  The word mental can be traced back to latin and has the meaning of ‘mind’.  Everyone has a mind so everyone should be interested in mental health.  The term ‘mental health’ can create fear in some people because of the context they have heard or experienced the word in.  However, looking after your mental health should be a part of your everyday experience.  The balancing of the 4 pillars which are considered to be; Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotions allow people to navigate life in an optimistic and resilient fashion.

Understanding of the mind and how it works is a good place to start.  Many people think that they are pre-programmed to follow certain patterns of thought and behaviour that it is written into their DNA and they cannot change it, this is far from the truth.  The mind learns to follow our guidance about what we spend our time focusing on and then loves to support and validate these focused thoughts with experiences.  An example would be – if a person was to wake up in the morning and the first thought they had was a negative one, their mind would quickly find as many negatives as possible to validate this to be true, it then runs them in the background like white noise.  So the entire day (unless challenged) will be spent finding the negative experiences to validate the current thought process.  This is how depression starts, one thought leading to a state of being, leading to another thought, leading to a deeper state, leading to a continual state of negative thought looping and feeling.  It is like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The great news is though, that people can change this process by challenging and changing the thoughts they are having.  ‘What fires together wires together’.  Everyone can change the pathways they create in their mind by thinking a different thought, the more you think the alternative thought the quicker the new pathways are created and the old ones deteriorate.  This takes practice like everything we have to learn and remember people practice negative thought loops for long periods and they get very good at depressing themselves, which means they could also be very successful at making themselves happy.  Practice makes permanent.

The other benefits of considering our mental health are the physical benefits.  The better we feel through our thought processes, the more feel good chemicals are body produces which in turn make us feel even better.  It is a win win situation.

My 2 tips for creating a more balanced state of mind are these;

  1. Notice how you speak to yourself inside and be a watch guard on your thoughts. If you notice the negative nelly talking to you….. CHANGE IT, IT IS YOUR MIND!
  2. Take time for yourself each day to just sit, relax and listen to some soft relaxation music. Clear your mind of all thoughts and just breathe.  Focus on the body and releasing tension with every out breath you take.  This simple exercise will give you  a sense of calm and teach your mind how to slow down and stop thinking.

If you think you can or you think you can’t…… you are right.

Take control of the steering wheel of your bus and start driving.

Wendy Smith is a successful mentor. Qualified NLP (neuro linguistic programming) Master and Trainer, EFT Master, Basketball coach and Tutor, Referee, Classifier, Sports Psychologist and Sports Massage Therapist. Wendy is also a Motivational and Inspirational Speaker. Having met Wendy on many occasions it is evident as to why she is an inspiration to many and has the capacity to help people to overcome their own personal difficulties.

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